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Our Free Water Bill Audit Can Save You Money
NYWM’s water audit looks at every building individually to identify errors in both current and past billing. The water and sewer bills issued by the New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) often contain errors that cost you money. If your building has been overcharged, NYWM will find the errors and secure you a credit. NYWM does not charge any fees upfront. Our fee is determined by securing a reduction on your billing. If no errors are found, NYWM will let you know – at no cost to you.
Free Water Bill Comparison Can Realize More Savings
NYWM offers a free evaluation and billing plan comparison to see if your property can potentially save money on its water bills. In some instances, a flat rate billing program is more advantageous. In other circumstances, a metered rate, where you pay for what you use, is more cost efficient. NYWM will perform this analysis and determine what is optimal for your particular property. We will also verify that the “per unit” cost is within the geographic norms for your area, making sure you are not being overcharged. And, if your building is billed properly, we may still find you reductions either through leak detection or by utilizing bill cap programs.
  • Over $300,000,000 of cost reductions
  • Savings for over 20,000 buildings
  • Reduced water costs for thousands of commercial landlords
  • 17+ years hands-on experience
Free Evaluation
Available for Four Unit+ Properties
NYWM can help you determine the most beneficial billing plan and identify potential overbills for your mixed use, residential or commercial properties.
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